Heat Treatment Process of Shackles

//Heat Treatment Process of Shackles

Heat Treatment Process of Shackles

“Inside View of Primosafe Products”

As a responsible supplier of lifting hardware over 20 years, we duly understand every piece of products must be safe for customer to use. From the material to packing and shipment, we are doing more stringent controls for you.

From this post, via “Inside View of Primosafe Products” post series, we’d like to share how we control quality for our Primosafe brand products and why we have confidence to say that we are one of the most competitive hardware suppliers of China.

Heat Treatment Process of Shackles

Heat treatment process involves the use of heating or chilling, normally to extreme temperatures, to achieve a desired result such as hardening or softening of a material.

Heat treatment has always been an important factor related to quality of shackles. It not only influences breaking strength, but also is very vital for elongation and duration.

All of Primosafe lifting purpose shackles are treated by top level heat treatment line of China.

Unlike some other suppliers, we only use fully automatic line to proceed heat treatment. During quench and tempering, both temperature and time are precisely monitored and controlled by computer.

This may cost a little more than traditional coal-stove line, but the stability of quality has been improved significantly, For example, as for traditional coal-stove, every lot may be 300kg or 400kg. How could you guarantee every lot is the same quality?

We only recommend use shackles treated by fully automatic line for lifting purpose.

However, even use same automatic heat treatment line, the quality could also be very different. Please be sure to check out my next post “Detail control of heat treatment process

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