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Brief Introduction

Team Member

General Manager Mr. Hao Junsheng

“What about your company history?”

Founded in the year of 2000, Yantai Jinsheng Metals & Machinery Co., Ltd is a trading company dealing in import and export business. Our main business is exporting metal products, rigging hardware, machinery products and etc. At the same time, we also export plastic products made of plastic material we import.

“What experience do you have?”

We have been in this market since the age of state-owned enterprise from 1980’s. Having been working hard for recent 10 years, our import-export volume has been increasing year by year.

We are the No.1 rigging and lifting hardware supplier of Kondotec Inc, Japan for more than 20 years. All of the products like shackle, wire rope clip, thimble etc are well-trusted by our customers.

To ensure the quality and quantity of products for export, in 2004, cooperating with Kondotec Inc Japan, we operated a warehouse with an area of 3000M2 totally in Yantai.

“What’s the difference between you and other companies?”

Our experience make us believe that as well as WWL, other quality factor such as galvanizing, cleaning and tidy packing, delivery time are also very important to you.

Therefore, we operate a warehouse as a logistic center. Every piece of products would be transported to us and inspected by us one by one. We will repack the product to make sure what arrives in your hand is very beautiful and elegant.

What’s more, thanks to our warehouse, flexible shipment is available for you. We could collect several kinds of products and ship them at one time for you. You will have no needs to waste time on cargo loading, packing or worries of custom clearance.

From the quality to shipment, we can secure the whole chain of supplying for you.

Compare Us To Other Companies


Credit Level 100%

More than 20 years experience and warehouse entity makes you no need to worry about our credit. Your visit to us would be highly appreciated at any time.

Industry Information & Knowledge 100%

Since the age of state-owned company, we have ample experience and knowledge of rigging hardware manufacture and their suppliers. No matter which market you are in, we could meet all of your requirements.

Product Quality 100%

Well-sold products in Japan prove that not only our quality inside products has problem, but also the surface, packing, delivery time are also well-trusted. All of the products are inspected and repacked in our warehouse.

Distinguished Service 100%

Stocking management service, inspecting and repacking service, flexible cargo loading service. From the beginning to the end, we could control all links of supply chain.

Price 100%

Product price as well as stocking, shipment fees would be cost-down.

Other Company

Credit Level 60%

It is very easy for you to find a supplier on Internet, but the beautiful pictures and texts written on Internet maybe lead to a big difference from reality.

Industry Information & Knowledge 75%

There is a big difference between understand English and understanding products. We don’t think translation between you and manufacture is our whole job. We know the difference between drop forged and free forged excepting their name.

Product Quality 60%

If the product are not transported to us, how could we secure the product’s quality? It really takes time to make your customers that even though the galvanizing or packing is not beautiful, it is STILL a QUALIFIED one.

Distinguished Service 1%

Translate the orders from English to Chinese and then send them to factory. We don’t think this is the only thing we can do for you.

Price 70%

We don’t think price is only judged by whether you find the cheapest factory or not..