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Delivery: In-Time Plus Flexible
by our Best Logistics Service

Thanks to our over 3000m2 warehouse, we can help you allocate cargo combined with several kinds of products.  
We are well-experienced in managing over 400 different kinds and sizes of product for over 10 years.


Products: Qualify Plus Elegant
by our Inspect and Repack Service

All products for export would be carried to our warehouse and inspected ONE by ONE and repacked, and then shipped to you.


Product Line: Plentiful and Professional
by our Inspect and Repack Service

Having been in the market for 20 years, we could offer you the best choice of all rigging and lifting hardware you need.

We not only offer products, but offer best service through qualify products.

All the things we do are not only for being good, but for the Perfect .

–By all team members in JinSheng

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